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uPVC Window Profiles



WINDOWTECH is a manufacturer and supplier of pvc window and door profiles. WINDOWTECH will support you during all the process of your new factory. We have a long experience in this business. We don't know everything, but we have enough experience to support you regarding your inquiries for pvc window and door manufacturing, we will give that service although, if we can arrange a business deal or not. We will left nobody with an empty hand.

The company Wolftech Machine is the only company in the world, who manufactures pvc test & pvc window processing machines in serial production. With that test machines it is possible to see the quality of the pvc profiles, because not every profile is also in real a pvc profile in our global market.

At the moment we have a lot of experience and our laboratories achievements are a goldmine for lots of other pvc profile manufacturers in the global market.
WINDOWTECH was founded in 1999, producing upvc windows, door profiles and window accessories in an area of 2000 m² Three years later, WINDOWTECH was able to build a revolutionary production line which was hailed as a technological marvel at this time. Today, in addition to this first production and distribution facility we enlarge our distribution channels in building up own distributors nearly all over the world.

WINDOWTECH's U.S. operations also had modest beginnings. The company quickly outgrew it's rented facility, as the demand for its high quality vinyl products grew rapidly. In 2004,
WINDOWTECH constructed the industry's first highly automated computer-controlled compounding and extrusion complex dedicated solely to the window and door market.
By 2008, that facility had undergone two expansions and seen the addition of a two-story office building. In 2009, the company built Window Tech Germany, Incorporated, A revolutionary new, highly automated facility near Stuttgart Germany.

We as WINDOWTECH are happy to support everybody with all informations which they need to create a new window door factory, yes that is true and it is for free.


Just call our free Info Skype Hotline: Windowtech.org

Our visit our website http://www.windowtech.org


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